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The International English Language Testing System (TOEFL) measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. It uses a nine-band scale to clearly identify levels of proficiency, from non-user (test score 95) through to expert (band score 118).


TOEFL Academic

IELTS is available in two test versions: Academic – for people applying for higher education or professional registration for those migrating to United States or Canada  applying for secondary education, training programmes and work experience in an English-speaking environment.


IELTS For Migration


If you are applying for a study or work visa, professional recognition or for permanent residency in Canada, it is likely that you will be required to present evidence of English language proficiency. TOEFL Academic testing is another internationally available English proficiency test accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for immigration to Canada. Open doors to Canada with TOEFL Academic Training.



Evidence of English language ability is a requirement for those applying to study or migrate to settle permanently or temporalily in the United States of America (also known as applying for ‘leave to remain’ or ‘long residence’).
We deal and specialize in the production of registered TOEFL Certificates. Please note that Our TOEFL Certificates are Original and registered in the data base and Can be verified. After your order is placed it takes just few days for us to get your details in the system. 


Once you submit your information and do your payment, your Certificate will be produce and registered. you will be able to verify and see your result at https://v2.ereg.ets.org/ereg/public/jump?_p=TEL


95, 105, 112, 116, 118


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